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About Us


AmeriGlide Rochester Team

AmeriGlide has emerged as a leader in the mobility equipment industry and is now available in your local Fleetwood Accessibility Services store, owned and operated by Dr. Pia K. Nault. Through our local distributors, AmeriGlide is able to have direct contact with our customers and therefore, offer a better value and service to you! 

About AmeriGlide of Rochester

Our commitment to what we do is based on the belief that safe and sensible access to the world around us matters. It fundamentally influences and connects us to society along with one’s quality of life, allowing us to live and age with dignity and confidence.

We offer consulting, product sourcing, design, and installation services for those transitioning back to their home after a disability, and for older clients who need to increase safety, stability, and functionality within their own home. 

We also consult, and service commercial and institutional clients in helping to bring them into ADA compliance.

AmeriGlide of Rochester Mission

Our mission is to create environments that allow people to be comfortable in their surroundings, as well as give them the ability to navigate safely and confidently through-out their home and community, allowing them to maintain a lifestyle that is independent and productive.  

The demands on public space and residence use have changed.  Making all public space accessible is now the law, to ensure these environments are useable and comfortable for everyone.  As Baby Boomers grow older “aging in place”– not having to leave one’s home due to a disability or restriction – should be one’s right.

It all comes down to one thing: people are entitled to live, work, and play in an environment that is functional (a new structure, or modifying and existing one) to allow a community, and everyone within the community, to safely access all it has to offer.  

What makes AmeriGlide of Rochester great?

AmeriGlide of Rochester is constantly evolving and educating itself to meet the changing needs of the aging population. With a full service team for design, installation, and service of our products, we provide the best possible value for all of our customers.

Meet Dr. Pia K. Nault

Dr. Pia K. Nault is the president of Fleetwood Accessibility Services, LLC and has 12 years of experience in the medical field, which includes ten years in pain management therapy and disability evaluation consulting.  

Dr. Nault graduated from University of California with a degree in DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). During her time in California she worked at Stanford Research group in pain management.  Her studies are focused on advanced Osteoporosis pain management and alternative methods with a focus on the treatment of long term disability clients.  

In Sacramento, Dr. Nault worked on the design and environmental accessibility of the Sutter Health clinic renovation project. 

In Palo Alto, CA, she worked as an environmental consultant for the design of specialty access and barrier-free amenities for Pakravan, LLC project.

Later, Dr. Nault accepted work with the geriatric disabled population and evaluating their disabilities. Through her experience in serving this community it became clear that her patients were often as much affected by their environment as their physical conditions.

With experience in working with local agencies and service providers for the aging and disabled, Dr. Nault was compelled to focus her attention in providing environmental changes by way of resourcing assistive technology for this community that so greatly needed services beyond the medical side of care.



AmeriGlide Rochester Team